Our Industry-Changing Platform

Full Visibility Over Operations

Our system is equipped with robust analytical tools and generates 5 primary analytical reports to support a comprehensive view of the company.

Data-Enabled Insights

Our interactive analytics enable a deep understanding of the financial health of a company, enabling data-driven decisions critical to growth.

Single Source of Truth

Our system keeps detailed records of the entire process synced in real-time to ensure accountability and ease collaboration.

Rapid Decision Making

System algorithms allow streamlining of process, vastly improving approval times for applicants.

Automation-Driven Efficiency

From compliance to communication with applicants, our system simplifies the entire workflow for you.

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Simplified. Smart. Secure.

Real Estate Agents

FINTOS simplifies the mortgage process for agencies by efficiently managing and analyzing buyer's credit data for faster transactions.

Property Developers

FINTOS assists developers with swift loan eligibility assessment and tailored payment plans, accelerating the sales cycle.

Automobile Dealers

FINTOS accelerates loan approval, enabling dealers to close deals faster and enhance customer experiences.

Loan Providers

FINTOS' platform helps providers mitigate risk and make informed lending decisions by providing insights into borrowers' repayment capabilities.

Financial Advisors

Equipped with FINTOS, advisors can provide personalized debt consolidation and loan management advice backed by real-time data.


Our FINTOS Services covers the end-to-end customer experience in their journey from debtor to homeowner.


Our FINTOS Solutions provide automated, streamlined digital systems to bring efficiency to loan operations.

Our Platform Partners

Let's change the property industry together!

Transform your operations with our platform, a gateway to efficient, transparent, and user-friendly real estate and loan management. Streamline your processes, delight your customers, and stay ahead of the curve. By becoming a partner, you're not just joining our innovative digital solution, you're investing in a new way of running your business.

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